Unlock God Mode for the Metaverse


We empower innovators and entrepreneurs to build their projects, right from an early-stage idea to an enterprise that can stand on its own.

Initial Metaverse Offering

We enable promising metaverse and gaming projects to raise liquidity, while bringing lucrative early-stage investments to the community.

Next Tier Metaverse Projects

Only high-quality metaverse projects handpicked by our team of experts after diligent screening make it to our portfolio.


The Launchpad features high-quality impact-driven metaverse focused projects handpicked by our team of experts after several rounds of vetting.


Asva stakers will have a chance to vote on project listings and future implementations on the platform.

Metaverse GamiFy Marketplace

A gamified metaverse marketplace, featuring exclusive NFT drops, auctions, virtual assets, and in-game assets.


The Ignition of Metaverse


MetaLaunch, the flagship product from Asva Labs, is the first multi-chain launchpad and accelerator dedicated to the metaverse. It explores beyond financing to provide strategic growth frameworks that fuel virtual-world and gaming economies.

Metaverse Marketplace

A gamified marketplace dedicated to the metaverse and gaming assets. The Metaverse marketplace allows users to trade, auction, and rent virtual ownership assets from various metaverse and gaming projects.

MetaFi DeFi Vault

The first-ever metafied DeFi platform, built to converge the metaverse and DeFi. MetaFi DeFi vault enables users to stake tokens, and yield farming with competitive APR on listed project tokens.


Stake ASVA to Earn Rewards

Stake and get additional rewards as whitelisting allocation on upcoming projects launching on our token sale launchpad.


Allies in the metaverse mission


Advisory councilors of Metalaunch